It's time for fall

And I'm not quite ready to bundle up in full coat and boots weather. We'd had a strong indian summer up until November 15th-ish, and then it actually began to feel like winter. Though, there are apple cider perks, and peppermint mochas. Plus, the Starbucks graphic spreads are my favourite, they're playing up the rekindling nostalgia, and makes me want to go all ooey gooey to everyone I love. And I'm really not that kind of person. But has anyone ever considered the balance autumn has? Okay yeah, summer has warm colours and connotations, but I think autumn has waaayy more than it's sunshine cousin. Think about it: when people think of autumn, they think knits, warm honey hues, warm drinks, fires (and snuggling), bustling about : those are warm connotations! Warmer than a potentially freezing vacation ocean. So, no coats for me yet, as you'll see in the post above this: because I'll just keep thinking of the warmth autumn promises with it's little goodies (colours!) rather than the actual temperatures..

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