How the mighty have fallen.

I wholeheartedly agree with the confusion in this statement. 
When did we start thinking it was okay to bare ourselves and consider it fashionable? The CL has dropped from the modern world, and all majority are left with is ass. I'm not saying women have to mosey around town in tweed suits and loafers, but I do think there should be some maintenance involved with our presentation. In the picture on the right, the best accessory is cleavage (maybe some cheap jewels from claire's). The left, the women are fully suited with hats and hand bags. There would be nobody strolling by the pair on the left and clicking their tongue in disgrace. 
No guarantees about the right, though. 

I keep scrolling through my tumblr, and more and more I see that it's hip to look like a slob. If a girl is bone-thin, and wearing ripped shorts and wedges, the image will be reblogged thousands of times! Why is this? When did being trashy suddenly become iconic? 
For example, good 'ol Audrey Hepburn gets 40 reblogs (notes) and half-dressed girls get over 20,000. 

I would find another example of a classy lady to post, but the sad thing is, I've scrolled for a good six minutes now (and my finger is aching) and I couldn't find a single one. 
The bottom picture isn't even wearing pants! 

Another thing I've observed, is constantly reoccurring. 
It's ever-so-popular to just write 'cunt' or 'bitch' etcetera and it's deemed acceptable, and is reblogged thousands of time because there's some flashy neon behind it. 

Welcome to the devolution of society. Stay classy, if you can. 

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