50 Shades of Green

(Jeans-J. Brand, Blouse-Club Monaco, Sweater-Lord&Taylor, Boots-Gap)
It's apparent I've been inactive as of late, and what better to rekindle that blogging spirit than upcoming finals? Incidentally, when you've got one major thing that's necessary to do, you find a multitude of little things that are unnecessary to do instead. Funny how that works. 

Well, being loaded down with seven courses isn't quite as bad as it seems, but it does mean that half of my lovely wardrobe is sitting unscathed in my closet, yearning to be worn. With the upcoming holidays, I decided I'd start my blogging about my outfits again. 
You know, as most vain women do. 
And so, here I go with 50 Shades of Green to kick start the season! 

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MK said...

You're a cutie.